“Indoor air can be two to five times worse than outside air”
~U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Are you and your family breathing clean air? Think again.

What's polluting the air in your home?

Why should you worry?

  1. Particulate Matter (PM2.5) present in the air is small enough to enter your respiratory system
  2. It worsens lung and heart conditions
  3. It can cause asthma attacks, acute bronchitis and respiratory infections

3M AC Filter are designed to
complement the existing filtering screen
of your AC, enabling it to remove PM2.5
and other pollutants from indoor air.

Proven to capture 83% of
PM2.5 from indoor air within
an hour of use.

Filter media works like a magnet
to pull unwanted particles
from the air.

  • Remove and clean the AC mesh screen

  • Place the media onto the center of the mesh screen using the tape given

  • Install the mesh screen back into the AC

  • Check the media at regular intervals and watch it clean the air in your room

Protect Yourself with 3M AC Filter

Clean your air while you Cool it

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Buy the 3M AC Filter for clean air at home always!